Shanghai Knights, Pinocchio, Gods and Generals

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Shanghai Knights, Pinocchio, Gods and Generals in The Foxlight.

One of my favorite Jackie Chan movies was with Owen Wilson and called Shanghai Noon. It was a modest hit and the two had great chemistry. Now they're back for a second go around in Shanghai Knights, with a new on DVD and video this week.

The two cowboys are in jolly old England and it's still a lot of fun. Although this is the film when it was finally revealed Chan uses some stunt doubles. As always, wait for the very end where that is Chan doing his own outtakes.

Whatever happened to Roberto Benigni? He leapt over tall egos at the Academy Awards a few years back but his latest film -- Pinocchio -- was worse than wooden. It was lead. This is for the kids when you punish them.

Finally Gods and Generals may be more suited to home viewing. At least you're not held captive for 4 hours in a movie theater. This is the Civil War drama that feels like it's played out in actual time and produced by Ted Turner who's obviously still upset the south lost.