Shallow Hal, Jimmy Neutron and I Love Lucy in the DVD glow of the Foxlight.

The big screen made Gwyneth Paltrow really big in a fat suit. Now the somewhat disappointing Shallow Hal is out on DVD.

The Farrelly brothers are always supposed to be funny after films like Dumb & Dumber and There's Something About Mary. But there's nothing about this over-bloated comedy that comes close to either of those movies. Jack Black only sees the Gwyneth everyone in Hollywood has dated the rest of us see a lot more of her. The only real interesting thing is that Paltrow kept the extra chins on to do a hidden camera visit at a hotel bar. Sadly, but predictably no one talked to her. I guess we're all shallow.

The other new release is strictly kid's stuff. It's animated semi-hit Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Hey, it was nominated for an Oscar, proving how they really have to scrounge for nominees in the all-new animated category. Monsters, Inc. and the winning Shrek were the other two. This isn't really in their league, but it's still mildly amusing. And who doesn't love a good robotic dog as long as he's housebroken?

Finally, if you love Lucy, her first season is out on DVD with lots of extras. Pass the conveyor belt chocolates and the Vitametavegamen.