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Pulitzer Prize-winning journo Sy Hersh was speaking to an audience of college students a McGill University in Montreal yesterday. He said: "There has never been an American army as violent and murderous as the one in Iraq."

You could say this is Kerry part duh.

Sy Hersh and The New York Times — separately — like to tell Bush that they own the CIA and the Pentagon, not the president. The Times published yet another classified Pentagon document yesterday, and Hersh specializes in digging up opponents to the administration's policies — opponents who are lurking like fifth columnists in some of the key corners of the Pentagon or the Langley, Virginia, HQ of the CIA.

The Times has now published three big secrets designed to thwart Bush's War on Terror.

First, exposing the secret NSA wiretapping program — a winner in my book. Second, exposing the secret money tracking our government does to catch terrorists. Another winner. And now, a discussion among top military brass about the state of violence in Iraq. That was purely to show Bush the paper can get any document in the government, and to stab Bush again right before the election.

But Hersh, he's more like Kerry in a weird, old guy way. In describing the military as the most violent and murderous ever he is reliving My Lai, when he exposed a U.S. Army massacre in Vietnam. As Bruce Springsteen reminds us, we always like to relive our glory days, and in describing our military in this way, that is precisely what Hersh is doing. Remember how I exposed My Lai? That was me!

Kerry made his mistake reliving those glory days, when he was the toast of the left for disavowing the very military to which he belonged.

Kerry and Hersh. Ahhh, when we were young and angry and we had Vietnam and Nixon.

The New York Times. We had the Pentagon Papers and now we have Bush and his War on Terror.

Whatever are the characters going to do when Bush goes back to Texas?

That's My Word.

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