Sexy Simpson Spurs 'Dukes' Fashion Craze

Can I get a yeehaw? And a bottle of Nair?

Former virgin extraordinaire Jessica Simpson (search), who makes her big-screen debut as the scantily-clad Daisy Duke (search) in the newly released "Dukes of Hazzard" (search) movie, has helped turn cowboy boots and skin-tight denim short-shorts into this season's couture du jour.

"Now that Jessica Simpson has come out with this movie, we are seeing an influence toward cowboy boots and Western-inspired fashion," said Caroline Roberts, owner of Manhattan's Pookie and Sebastian (search) clothing store, which is only one of many retailers getting a boost in sales from Daisy Duke.

And it's not just short shorts — Daisymania is also hiking up sales of short skirts.

"Our denim miniskirt has been one of our hottest sellers. We normally don't do short denim skirts for the fall, but because of the Daisy Duke influence, we are," said Roberts, whose store sold out of cowboy hats in one day.

Fred Hajjar, owner of, has had a 500 percent increase in sales because of the movie.

"We've had a few people ask for the shorts and we have people asking for Daisy Duke tight t-shirts ($16.95-$17.95). Those are great sellers ... Jessica wore an 'I love Bo Duke' shirt on the 'Newlyweds' show for one second and it sold very well after," he said.

Daisy's boots are walking right out of stores, too.

"Anything that Jessica Simpson puts on her feet flies," said Susan Cocchiola, who handles online orders for Frye Boots (search), America's oldest shoe company. Frye actually has several pairs of boots named after Daisy herself ($305-$479.99).

"I'm almost scared of the fall season because our sales have gone up so much. It's incredible how many boots we are selling in July," Cocchiola added.

Indeed, Simpson's followers want the head-to-toe Daisy look.

"Jessica has a huge following on what she wears. So many people buy the exact items of clothes that she is seen in," said 23-year-old Katie Haugland, who runs, a Web site that follows the star's every fashion move.

"Jessica's shorts are Lucky Brand Jeans (search) cutoffs and she also wears Hollywood Trading (search) belts in the movie and out and about ... I love her style and she is always wearing what's in."

Still, no matter how much attention Simpson gets for her cowgirl style, she wasn't the first person to put Daisy Dukes on the map. The 25-year-old Simpson hadn't even been born when "The Dukes of Hazzard" became a Friday-night must-watch in 1979.

"Well, you know Catherine Bach (search) is the original Daisy and they got her Daisy Dukes in the Smithsonian, and that's hard to beat," said Sonny Shroyer (search), who played Deputy Enos Strate on the original "Dukes of Hazzard" television show.

"Jessica is a sweet and beautiful girl but I don't think nobody could take Daisy's place," Shroyer added, referring to Bach, who had her well-toned legs insured for $3 million.

Other celebrities have hopped on the cowgirl bandwagon. In July, pregnant pop star Britney Spears was seen trotting around Malibu in cowboy boots, while Spanish singer Thalia rocked Daisy Duke shorts on the red carpet. And Jessica Alba, Nicollete Sheridan and Heather Locklear have all donned cowboy hats in recent months.

But it seems like nobody wears short shorts like Jessica.

When asked why she thought Simpson has become so dominant in the fashion world, Roberts smiled and said, "She just makes everything look so good."