Cold weather conjures up many images: snowball fights, cuddling by the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa.

Perhaps the image of an inspired workout is best left for sunnier days — which is why you are lacking the motivation to get out from under the warm covers and actually do anything, much less exercise.

No worries, though, FOXNews.com teamed up with Manhattan's Crunch Fitness and New York City’s WPLJ 95.5 FM to put together an invigorating winter workout playlist.

Hopefully, these songs will have you burning a steady stream of calories by the end of December, so that you can toss back an extra glass of champagne on New Year's Eve without the guilt.

1. Song: "Rock ‘N Roll Train"

Artist: AC/DC

Why it’s great: “This is No. 1 in 29 countries,” said WPLJ's Race Taylor, who hosts the "Afternoon Drive" show. “It’s classic vintage AC/DC with a twist for the modern era. If you are pumping anything, this should motivate you.”

Suggested workout: "Any AC/DC song should be used to lift some major, heavy weights," said Marc Santa Maria, regional group fitness director at Crunch. "They just make you wanna kick butt and pump that weight."

2. Song: "So What"

Artist: Pink

Why it’s great: “This is great to bust out your rock moves and blow raspberries at the end,” Taylor said. “And, it’s probably the best use of the word ‘tool’ in a song. You wouldn’t think it, but Pink really does love her ex-husband.”

Suggested workout: "This song is hot," Santa Maria agreed. "All attitude for stairmaster or a high-incline treadmill walk. We're talking incline 15 power walk time."

3. Song: "Keeps Getting Better"

Artist: Christina Aguilera

Why it’s great: “This song says it all,” Taylor said.

Suggested workout: "Picture doing 100's or teasers in your Pilates mat class to this song," Santa Maria said. "Keep your breaths steady and your abs as fierce as Christina's voice."

4. Song: "Feels Like The First Time"

Artist: Daughtry

Why it’s great: “We’re huge fans of cover songs, especially ones that are done well,” Taylor said. “It takes you back to the ‘70s when shorts were too short and headbands were still in fashion. I think it’s a great tempo for running.”

Suggested workout: "This is a great song to run to," Santa Maria agreed. "Use it as your second song on your fastest mile record."

5. Song: "Hot ‘N Cold"

Artist: Katy Perry

Why it’s great: “This is great to work those crunches,” Taylor said. “This song turned out to probably be one of the biggest songs of the summer.”

Suggested workout: "Hit the slopes if you can," Santa Maria said. "Snowboarding, skiing, you'll feel like a rock star cruising down the slopes. If snow sports aren't your thing, use the song to get your all-time fastest mile run."

6. Song: "All Summer Long"

Artist: Kid Rock

Why it’s great: “Even with the temps going down and the leaves changing, this song hasn’t gone away yet,” Taylor said.

Suggested workout: "This song is perfect for recovery in spin class," Santa Maria said. "Think flat surface, lower tension, but steady ride and steady calorie burn."

7. Song: "Disturbia"

Artist: Rihanna

Why it’s great: “It was really big over the summer and it’s just now latching on to audiences over the age of 25,” Taylor said. “The baseline is infectious.”

Suggested workout: "Rihanna is just the power rocker of the year," Santa Maria said. "She's crossing boundaries like crazy and this song can be used in so many workouts, from stretching out, to a hip-hop class, to an all upper body workout while you check your rockstar form in the mirror — the sky is the limit."