Setting the Record Straight on Islamic Terrorism

Writing in The Los Angeles Times, columnist Margaret Carlson continues the left-wing mantra that the Bush administration is responsible for Arab anger against the USA.

Says Carlson, "It is now understandable that the [Bush] administration might want to flush Newsweek down the toilet and pawn off the blame for its own mistakes ... in its long adventure in the Arab world, the administration has hatched few strategies as hollow as holding a magazine responsible for its own failings."

Now the liberal press wants Americans to believe that the administration's war tactics have turned the Muslim world against the USA. That's what the left is selling. "Talking Points" is not buying.

For eight years under President Clinton (search), the jihadists grew in power and ferocity. They attacked the World Trade Center in 1993 and continued attacking throughout the '90s, killing Americans all over the Middle East and Africa. America's response was tepid to say the least. And the terrorists grew bolder.

When President Bush took office, he didn't pay very much attention to the jihad. If you believe Richard Clark (search), Bush continued the Clinton policy of allowing Al Qaeda (search) to base and train.

Then came 9/11 and everything changed. The Bush administration became aggressive in hunting down and incarcerating terrorists. The invasion of Iraq was part of a strategy to fight terrorism by spreading democracy. That strategy is still unfolding. Time will tell.

But let me ask you one simple question. Who would you rather have fighting the jihadists? Margaret Carlson or President Bush? How about Carlson and the entire editorial staff of The New York Times? How about -- well, you get the picture.

The Bush administration has made mistakes, no question, but I think it's obvious that the soft approach on terrorism didn't work. And to say the jihadists are angry because of Iraq and Guantanamo is simply stupid.

Jihadism hated us for decades and no country could wage war against them the way the liberal press in America wants to. During World War II, mistakes were made every hour of every day by American forces. What does Margaret Carlson think about that? The terror war is indeed hell and so is the liberal media's coverage of it.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

A potpourri of things for you: First of all, our new poll question asks, do you care about "Star Wars"? (search) This is perhaps the simplest poll question we've ever had. Do you care about "Star Wars"? Yes or no.

Now, we're asking the question because I'm thinking about doing a segment that revolves around why Americans care. But if most of you don't care, I won't do the segment. So please let us know.

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