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Dear Viewers,

First, we have video streamed what we are calling our raw and uncut footage from Redwood City (search) — shot by a producer who has been here with his camera and getting us behind the scenes video. Click on www.gretawire.com to see the video.

Monday was a tough day in Redwood City for everyone. As we have repeatedly said, there are no winners. Here is what you did not see because there were no cameras in the courtroom.

Before the verdict was announced, Peterson's family came into the courtroom and sat in the front row behind the defense table. Moments later, Pat Harris, one of the defense attorneys walked in. He went to Jackie Harris, Scott's Mother and hugged her. Then Mark Geragos entered the courtroom. He went to the family and held Jackie's hand for a few moments as he talked to her.

The prosecutors walked in moments later and I did not notice any interaction with the Rocha family — that came later.

When the jury walked in, I did not see anyone look at Peterson. The lawyer "voodoo" is that when a jury does not look at a defendant, that is bad news for the defendant.

Because of the audio feed, you could hear the jury verdict of death. It is a recommendation to the judge and the judge could change it later to life without parole. That is done rarely.

After the verdict, as the jury filed out of the courtroom, I saw two women jurors look straight at Sharon Rocha, nod and smile. The message I took from this was, "We took care of it for you."

As the courtroom emptied, the three prosecutors left their table and walked over to the Rocha family. They all shook hands and it appeared that the Rocha family was thanking the prosecutors.

The courtroom was crowded for the verdict. Judges from other courtrooms were there to hear and watch and deputies were all over the room for security.

What surprised me most was the absence of emotion in the courtroom when the verdict was announced. I have been in courtrooms where there are outbursts when a verdict was announced. The most emotion I saw was one juror who kept wiping her eyes throughout the very short hearing/delivery of verdict.

I was also surprised how quiet it was outside the courthouse. As you may recall, crowds gathered for the guilty decision and cheered. Yesterday the crowd was much smaller and they were much quieter.

Tuesday night we will be back home in Washington, D.C.

One other note: I have concluded Gloria Allred (search) is much tougher than I am. Last night she was only on one segment of our show because she had to rush to her hotel, get her bags, rush to the airport, get on a red eye, fly all night long to New York City, land about 6 a.m., fight the rush hour traffic from Kennedy Airport into the city and then do "Good Morning America," CBS' morning show and "The Today Show." As she left our set last night I groaned that I just could not do what she was doing.

Finally, we'll be joined by members of the Peterson jury on tonight's show. Plus, we'll take an inside look at San Quentin Prison (search).


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