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Here We Go Again…

Federal authorities are investigating the mysterious disappearance of more Clinton administration material from the National Archives. This time, it's a computer disc that contains highly sensitive Secret Service and White House operating procedures, and oh, about 100,000 Social Security numbers.

The disc contains one terabyte of information, which according to The Washington Post, is equivalent to roughly a million books.

I'm no detective, but I think the FBI should probably check with Sandy Berger, who has a lot of practice stealing documents from the National Archives. They might want to start by checking his socks.

Hillary's Fan Club

It appears that the days of oversight on Capitol Hill are officially over. The love fest between the legislative branch and the Obama administration reached a new low Wednesday when Patrick Leahy declared his candidacy for president of the Hillary Clinton fan club:


SEN. PATRICK LEAHY, D-VT.: I do want to say how pleased and proud I am to have you representing the United States as our secretary of state.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: I'll say anything to stay on this lady's good side.

LEAHY: It is reassuring to have someone of your stature and your intellect.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: And your radical left-wing views.

LEAHY: And your experience, which is extraordinarily important, as a top American diplomat, you can hold your own with any foreign head of state. You're — you're instantly recognized.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: You say one word and everyone knows, there's Hillary!

LEAHY: You are a wonderful person to reintroduce America to the rest of the world.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Barack may not trust you, but you have a friend in this liberal Vermont senator.


Boy, Senator Leahy, you really took her to task there. I can't understand how anybody can call you a partisan!

Playing Politics

It's an example of politics at its very worst: As Senate Republicans are trying to pass legislation to honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan, one man is standing in the way.

According to Roll Call, Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold has refused to allow a vote on the Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission Act, which would set up a bipartisan commission honoring President Reagan. Feingold is blocking a vote because he wants the bill to include a completely unrelated amendment that would form a commission to study the internment of German, Italian and Jewish Americans during World War II.

The GOP argues that there are many Democrats who oppose Feingold's legislation, and that's precisely why he wants to tack it onto the wildly popular Reagan bill, which already passed the House 371 to 19.

Senator Feingold, for once in your life, I think it's time to put partisan politics aside in order to allow a great man to be honored.

Read, Please!

Louisiana Republicans learned a hard lesson this week at the hands of state Democrats.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has taken a strong stand against the president's stimulus bill by refusing to accept any federal funds. Democrats are strongly opposed to this, and one congressman decided to take matters into his own hands.

State Representative Avon Honey added an amendment to an entirely unrelated bill that will allow the state to accept $98 million of stimulus money by changing state law to expand unemployment benefits. The legislation would never have escaped Louisiana's Republican Congress, but Republicans didn't bother to read the bill! The bill, and that amendment, passed 99 to zero.

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