A Republican-run Senate committee voted Friday to approve President Bush's nominee to head the Homeland Security Department's immigration agency after dismissing criticism that she lacked management experience.

Concerns were raised about Julie L. Myers (search) in the wake of former Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Brown's resignation. Brown, who left amid widespread criticism over his handling of Hurricane Katrina, was faulted for having little previous emergency management experience.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee approved Myers' nomination by 7-2. Should she win Senate approval, she would run the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau.

Myers, 36, is a former Treasury official and assistant U.S. attorney.

Sens. Joseph Lieberman (search), D-Conn. and Daniel Akaka (search), D-Hawaii, were the only "no" votes. Lieberman said he was not convinced that Myers was qualified to run ICE, the federal government's second-largest investigative force.

Republicans said their previous concerns about her lack of experience were relieved after talking to her and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff (search).

Sen. George Voinovich (search), R-Ohio, who previously questioned her qualifications, said Friday, "I think she's got the gear to get the job done."

Myers' nomination is also expected to be considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee.