Sen. Lieberman on Pakistan Attack

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Senator Joe Lieberman joins us right now from Connecticut, the independent. Senator, what do you make of what you are hearing now? If this is sort of a statement against America and a woman who supported the United States' stance on terror, your stance on terror, what now?


Well, I think you have got to see this as the attempt by a radical Islamist minority to disrupt a whole society. I want to tell you that there has been political factions and struggles in Pakistan, but any election has shown that the extremists never get more than a handful of votes, maybe at most 10, 11, 12 percent of the votes.

And this is an attempt, I think, by Al Qaeda to stop the mainstream, moderate, more moderate forces in Pakistan, Bhutto, Musharraf, from forming a government alliance that could really govern that country.

So, we can't let them succeed. And I hope the people of Pakistan don't grow weary and turn against America. We are not their enemy. Their enemy is the Islamist extremists who just killed 35 or 40 of their country men and women.

CAVUTO: But, Senator, if it proves true that at least some elements within the Pakistani government knew or acquiesced to the planning of this attack — and there are some early indications that at least what would have been impenetrable areas of this motorcade were penetrated — it raises that issues from a former guest — then it raises issues as well about how this shared government could work out, does it not?


No, obviously, at this point, so close to the actual bombing, that is all surmise. Obviously, if an investigation showed that there was some complicity by elements of the government — and I presume they mean the security or intelligence forces — then General Musharraf would have to take immediate and very strong action against them, or his credibility would be in doubt.


CAVUTO: Well, let me ask you this, then, Senator. I'm sorry. We're rushed for time here. And I appreciate your coming here.

There is going to be talk now on Capitol Hill. We have poured a lot of money into this region. We have poured a lot into dealing with the anti-terror elements — or the terror elements — going after Al Qaeda, going after the Taliban. And they are able to do this.

So, it could work the opposite way you would hope, right, that it could get people frustrated and have them give up, right?

LIEBERMAN: You mean give up in the battle against Al Qaeda?

CAVUTO: Exactly. Exactly.

LIEBERMAN: Well, that is what you have got to fight.

I think the Pakistani — there is a lot of tumult in that region, and, obviously, the presence of Islamist extremism. But the majority of people are not that. They want a better life.

Listen, Benazir Bhutto represents not only democracy. She is a Pakistani patriot. And she represents modernity, hope for the future. Al Qaeda and Taliban want to go back about 1,000 years. And I don't think the people of Pakistan want that. So, I hope that, as — in the aftermath of this, what we will really see is General Musharraf and former Prime Minister Bhutto coming closer together to speak for the majority in Pakistan against the terrorists, who are really trying to take over this country.

And, as much as we have been disappointed by Musharraf at different times, he is a lot better, to put it mildly, than the extremists who want to throw him over.

CAVUTO: All right. All right.

Senator Joe Lieberman, always good seeing you, even under these trying times.

LIEBERMAN: Thank you, Neil.

CAVUTO: Thank you, Senator.

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