Sealed Kobe Documents Leaked to Press

Transcripts from closed-door testimony in the Kobe Bryant (search) sexual assault hearings were mistakenly sent to seven media outlets on Thursday, including FOX News, prompting the case's judge to swiftly order that none of the sensitive material be published.

Michelle Goodbee (search) is a long-time court reporter serving on the NBA star's hearings. Goodbee was supposed to e-mail transcripts of the proceedings to prosecutors and the defense teams. While doing so, it was also distributed to the media outlets.

Goodbee is also the wife of former Eagle County (search) D.A. Mike Goodbee, who is now with the U.S. Attorney's Office.

The transcripts detailed secret testimony about the "rape-shield" hearing regarding information on the accuser's background. Defense attorneys want this information admitted at trial, but under the current law, the accuser's past holds no bearing in rape cases unless it's found to be relevant to the situation.

About five hours after the transcripts were sent, District Judge Terry Ruckriegle (search) issued a court order telling the media to delete the files or face contempt of court. The court has in the past also mistakenly released the accuser's name and address on the Internet, and private medical records have also been mistakenly released.

Attorneys for the media are considering fighting Ruckriegle's order to keep the information secret, and may take the matter to the Colorado Supreme Court -- delaying the trial even further.

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