"Scrubs" (search) star Zach Braff is returning to the director's chair. Braff, who wrote and directed "Garden State" last year, will direct the latest video from singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw.

"Zach and I met at one of my shows and I was so flattered to hear he was a fan of my music," DeGraw said in a statement Friday. "He has a great vision for the `Chariot' video, and I'm really excited to work with him."

Braff already knows a thing or two about music. He earned a Grammy in February as the compilation producer for the "Garden State" soundtrack.

"I have been a fan of Gavin's music for a while, and I think he is an amazing talent," Braff said.

Braff, 29, plays Dr. John "JD" Doran on NBC's "Scrubs." His next feature film directing gig will be an adaptation of Doris Burn's children's book, "Andrew Henry's Meadow." (search)