The news that is not White House approved...

Who Asked You?

GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava's departure from New York's 23rd congressional race is causing an uproar among Democrats.

Scozzafava is a liberal Republican who supports gay marriage, the Democrats' stimulus package and card check legislation. Her membership in the party shows just how broad the GOP is, but that's not what the Democrats are now saying.

They're using her exit from the race to accuse the party of ideological extremism. Now take a look at this exchange between Obama mouthpiece, Valerie Jarrett and ABC's George Stephanopoulos:


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC NEWS: What does it say about where the Republican Party leadership is?

VALERIE JARRETT, WHITE HOUSE SENIOR ADVISER: Well, I think it's becoming more and more extreme and more and more marginalized.


All right, news flash: Valerie, Scozzafava dropped out of the race because nobody wanted to vote for her. That has nothing to do with GOP extremism and everything to do with the people's preferences. Now you probably don't remember, but that's what elections are all about.

Blame Game

Several months ago the Obama administration promised that 120 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine would be made available by the fall, but CBS News reports today only 17 million doses have been shipped. That means at a time when deaths and hospitalizations continue to rise, the administration has fulfilled only 14 percent of their stated goal.

I wonder: What would Hillary Clinton say if this was 2004 and George Bush were still president?


THEN-SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON, D-N.Y.: The administration, as with so much else, has been asleep at the switch. This doesn't fall into one of their high priorities. You know they are more interested in tax cuts for the rich rather than flu shots for everybody that needs them.



Unfortunately for Democrats, now that George Bush is no longer in office, they are scrambling to find somebody else to blame for their colossal mishandling of this epidemic. And over the past several days, it appears the Obama administration has decided to peg their failures on, what else, the private sector:


WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY ROBERT GIBBS: We'd hope that the vaccine would — has — we have been told be here faster. It has not. We'd hoped that what the manufacturer had said in terms of getting the vaccine here earlier would have been true.


Hey, Robert, I think it's time for the man sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office to start taking responsibility for his mistakes.

Edited for Content

The New York "Obama" Times recently made a change to an article that had some people scratching their heads. The story was about President Obama's trip to Dover Air Force Base where he attended the dignified transfer ceremony of a fallen soldier.

The original article that was published described the event by saying, "The images and the sentiment of the president's five-hour trip to Delaware were intended by the White House to convey to the nation that Mr. Obama was not making his Afghanistan decision lightly or in haste."

But after that paragraph was used by bloggers to accuse the president of turning the ceremony into a photo-op, The New York Times edited the story.

As HotAir.com points out the paragraph now reads, "The image of the commander in chief standing on a darkened tarmac offering a salute to one of the soldiers highlighted the poignancy of a decision he is now facing."

I wonder if the White House had anything to do with the change being made.

Double Duty?

Several analysts are convinced that something fishy going on with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. They say that as a result of his declining health, a look-alike has been standing in for him at important events.

One Japanese analyst even said that it was a Kim look-alike who met with former president Bill Clinton when he traveled to North Korea to negotiate the release of two American journalists earlier this year.

You know, I'm sure if the U.N. Security Council looked into the issue, well, we would have an answer in no time. I doubt it.

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