Score one for the tea baggers. Those silly folks with their silly protests and their often silly signs and silly outfits and silly rants. Who's silly now?

The folks laughing at them? Or, in California, the elected leaders who now clearly have to answer to them?

Leaders who pushed more taxes. And they said, "bag it." Leaders who pushed for minimal spending cuts. And they said, "bag it." Leaders who teed up their biggest doomsday and warned that if budget resolutions weren't approved their state would go under. And they said, "risk it."

Not bad for a group of silly protesters who turned out to be not so silly, but so mad they not only woke up a state — I think they're waking up a nation.

I just wonder if they're waking up the folks inside that dome who lead our nation? Somehow I kind of doubt it. Not when they continue to propose more spending with money we don't have for programs a good many of us don't want.

Not when they scramble to find ways to pay for healthcare that isn't thought out with ridiculous taxes on everything from soda to folks' existing healthcare policies that are just — I don’t know — way out.

All I’m saying is, you might want to figure it out. Figure out what just went down in California. Not only some politicians' treasured budget wishes. Something else. Their careers.

Those who bagged the baggers now bagged themselves. Take note, because the teapot's boiling.

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