May I get personal with you for a moment? Are you a passionate person? Come on, it's cable, I won't tell. It's just between us.

The reason why I ask is, if you are passionate you are to be commended in the bedroom, but pretty much not any other room. Because passion is for romance. Passion is not for politics.

Cool, cerebral, supposedly thoughtful people, don't like passionate people. They say passionate people lead with their heart, and not their head.

All emotion. No reflection.

You know, the president's a cool, thoughtful fellow. Remember, “No Drama Obama”? And he's surrounded by a lot of other cool, thoughtful, and no drama folks. Folks who prefer going cerebral than, let’s say, getting a cerebral hemorrhage.

Reasoned debate to reckless debate.

Think, I don't know, Robot on "Lost in Space." Remember him?

Surrounded by silly humans whose wildly erratic behavior simply did not compute. Now, I want you to think of a White House staffed by robots. Or, if you prefer, a bunch of "Hal's," the all-powerful computer in "2001, a Space Odyssey."

"I’m sorry, I cannot open the pod bay door." Just substitute, "I’m sorry, I cannot open my rigid ivy league noggin to the legitimacy of all these loud health care critics' complaints."

You see where I’m coming from here? Those who lead with their heads cannot understand, for the life of themselves, those who react with their hearts; who aren't reasoned when they see the government calmly robbing them blind. And who aren't cool when they see the government icily taking over their lives.

Passionate people don't nod. They shout. Passionate people don't acquiesce. They yell. And passionate people don't accept blindly. They respond, yes, emotionally.

Because passionate people know this is about their lives. And their children's lives. Which confuses detached, emotionally constipated cerebral folks who cannot understand what all the fuss is about.

Because they're thinking with their heads, aren’t they? Problem is those heads oftentimes are in a very dark place. Which doesn't mean they don't see the issue. They just never get to the heart of it. And they're so damn emotionally constipated, they never will.

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