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The Saudis are a scream. For years they funded fundamentalist Wahhabi madrassas around the world — but particularly in Pakistan and Afghanistan — to raise young Muslim kids in the Saudis particular brand of Islam, a sect that believes Muslims have spent long enough trying to persuade non-believers and instead should just put the infidels to the sword.

From that philosophy has grown a huge army of angry young Muslim men who have joined Al Qaeda, and Al Qaeda's No. 1 target, believe it or not, has not been the United States but has been the Saudi royal family. Usama bin Laden won't even call Saudi Arabia by that name. He refers to it as the land of the two holy cities, which are Mecca and Medina. And bin Laden's Al Qaeda guys have been trying to bring down the Saudi government, which is the Saudi royal family.

Al Qaeda has set up shop in Iraq where it has joined forces with the Sunni minority there to try to kill Americans and kill as many of the Shia majority as it can. Iran has entered Iraq on the side of the Shia and now Saudi Arabia is saying if America leaves Iraq the Saudis will start funding the Sunnis. That means the Saudis will give millions of oil dollars to Al Qaeda, the very guys who are trying to knock off the Saudi royal family.

So the theater of the absurd that we know as the Arab world may soon give us Saudis funding Al Qaeda to kill Shia and hoping Al Qaeda won't use the money to turn around and kill the people who gave the money.

I know the saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but in this case the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy, if you are Saudi.

It's a tough choice: Who do I want dead more? My enemy, in this case the Shia, or my enemy's enemy, which in this case is me?

This is a conundrum fit for Yossarian, and I really do want to see the Saudis thread the needle on this one.

That's My Word.

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