Saudi Offer: Solution or Stunt?

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah (search) on Wednesday reached out to Islamic militants (search) operating in the desert kingdom, offering them limited amnesty if they turned themselves in within the next month.

Abdullah said on national television that those who cooperated would not face the death penalty and would be prosecuted only if they had hurt others.

Saudi offer: Solution or stunt?

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I think the Saudi offer of amnesty is a political move to both reward the terrorists for their ideology and reprimand the terrorists for the political tensions and climate they have created. I think the Royal Family believes this will unify their Arab Kingdom, and appease the Western-led world. In reality, in will just allow the terrorists to operate without intervention by the Saudi government for the next 30 days.
Louisville, KY

Come on! If you take the robes off of these guys, they look like a group of Democrats sitting on the beach in the Hamptons... they don't want to fight. All they want to do is be left alone to count their oil revenue. It is time for the U.S. to stop playing with these wimps and start getting our oil from Iraq!
Tom W.
Chapel Hill, TN

After the 30 days are up you will see the Saudis arrest or kill everyone in the kingdom that they suspect to be an enemy to the state and they will state that they gave everyone a chance to save themselves.  After 30 days people will be running out of the kingdom.
Fergus Falls, MN

One word fits what the Saudi's are doing APPEASMENT! Ludicrous it is.
Sandy C.
Orange City, FL

Stunt! I lived in Saudi for 5 years; I was there in 75 when King Faisal was shot to death by his own nephew because he wasn't radical enough. This is partially a power struggle within the Royal Family of which all believe in the same radical wahabi Islam as OBL, about half want the current rulers out and the other half are shaking in their flip flops.
Mitch N.
Manila, Philippines

This is an obvious ploy by the Saudi's to keep both sides happy without having to make any real sacrifices. They want the U.S. off their buts for a little while and at the same time trying not to look like they're siding with America hoping to keep the extremists off thir butts. They're trying to lay low until the region calms down some after the Iraq handoverand. This is the kind of double talk the Saudi's have done for decades. That's why they cant be trusted.
Chris W.
Hartford, CT

Yes, I think that the time given is fair. Look at the amount of time we gave Osama Bin laden and Saddam to surrender before we went in.
Jay W.
Savannah, GA

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