Saudi Columnist Faces the Truth

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The Saudis are often blamed for encouraging, or at least turning a blind eye to terrorism. They’ve even been known to blame the victims of terrorism for terror. But there are growing signs that at least some Saudis have met the enemy, and the enemy is not the U.S.

Dr. Muhammad Talal Al-Rasheed (search) is a columnist for the English language daily, The Saudi Gazette. He recently wrote an article about the murder in Algeria of a Saudi prince, about which he says the following: "It is easy to get on one’s soap box and pontificate; to tell humanity that we suffer from terrorism, too. That is too easy though; and perhaps too intellectually cowardly… We have bred monsters. We alone are responsible for it… We are the problem and not America or the penguins of the North Pole or those who live in caves in Afghanistan. We are it, and those who cannot see this are the ones to blame.”

Dr. Al-Rasheed goes on to defend U.S. policy in Iraq. “President Bush, wrong on just about everything else, is right on this one. Does he have the (courage) to finish the job? I wonder.”

And that's the Asman Observer.