Saturday, January 14

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On this week's edition of "FOX News Watch":

Alito Hearings

We'll look at media coverage of the Alito hearings this week. Were the Senators genuinely concerned about questioning the president's Supreme Court nominee or were they more focued on "face time" in front of the cameras?

Nabbed in Iraq

Was a news blackout ethical after an American freelancer reporter was kidnapped in Iraq?

Quick Takes on the Media

-- The controversy over NBC's "The Book of Daniel"

-- Miss America is live from Las Vegas when she returns to tradition with a swimsuit and talent contest

-- Should reporters have been more skeptical about cloning claims made by a South Korean researcher?

These stories and much more when we answer the week's most provocative media questions!

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About the Show:

Join host Eric Burns and our "FOX News Watch" panelists this weekend as we "cover the coverage:"

Jim Pinkerton of Newsday

Jane Hall of American University

Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist and host of "After Hours" on FNC!

Neal Gabler, media writer

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