So last week Sarah Palin gave one of her best interviews ever. It was smart, quick and articulate. Too bad that just a few yards behind her, a man was breaking a turkey's neck.

Did I say "too bad?" I meant "even better."

Look, I'm like you when it comes to animal cruelty: I'm against it until I'm hungry. But I like this video for one key reason: It ruffled the feathers of the wispy New York Times, which voiced their displeasure in an editorial stating, "You don't have to be a huge animal lover to question why Governor Palin chose to be interviewed… while turkeys were being executed in the background."

Yes, they use the term "executed," equating our Thanksgiving dinner to capital punishment.

I wish it were so.

I mean, if we executed everyone on death row with the same efficiency and frequency that Farmer John does with his ugly — but tasty — birds, the world would be far safer. I wouldn't eat them for Thanksgiving, though. Even I have feelings.

And while I agree that Palin could have done the interview elsewhere, this footage pales in comparison to the misanthropic crap coming out of Hollywood — the kind of post-modern pulp Times critics get wet over.

And let's face it, if you eat turkey, it never hurts to see where that meal comes from. It reminds you that as much as everyone deplores whale hunting, whales are really just giant turkeys for the Japanese.

And speaking of giant turkeys, what of Big Bird, the star of "Sesame Street"? He's not a turkey, of course, but without turkeys, he'd be nude. His costume is actually made of 4,000 turkey feathers, all dyed the color of The New York Times editorial board.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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