Sarah Jessica Parker, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Greg Kinnear

Sex in a couple of cities and Greg Kinnear filming it, all in the warm glow of The Foxlight.

Sarah Jessica Parker says she's not sure what kind of a mother she'll be and thinks the baby is safer inside her than it will be in her living room.

No, she doesn't know the baby's gender. And names? Husband Matthew Broderick thinks the baby should have some say in it's own name. How's that going work? It'll name itself 'Goo'? Even though she's about to burst, she's out hawking a new book called Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell about the behind-the-scenes workings of the show. Does it mention she hates Kim Cattrall as the tabloids report? Uh, no.

Speaking of sex in a city, get this. X-Men 2 star Rebecca Romijn-Stamos likes to have sex at Disneyland.

"We first had sex at Disneyland, and now we go every year for a week," the model/actress tells Jane magazine referring her husband John Stamos. "It's bizarre." That's an understatement.

Finally, Greg Kinnear says the porno that Bob Crane shot in the early '60s s is so technologically inferior it looks like underwater footage from the Discovery Channel. In the new movie Auto Focus has says Crane used 'suitcase sized' video cameras. And Kinnear's he's not worried that playing a pervert will hurt his romantic comedy career.