Sanjaya Malakar, who was voted off "American Idol" last week after a long and unlikely run, has been busy on his post-publicity tour.

Malakar outlasted better singers and captivated millions of TV viewers on the Fox talent competition with his goofy charm and ever-changing hairdos.

On CBS' "Late Show" with David Letterman on Monday night, the 17-year-old read a Top 10 list of "Things I Learned From 'American Idol."'

The list included: nothing; the camera adds 10 pounds to your mohawk; work hard and make sacrifices, you can finish in seventh place; voting for yourself 100 times an hour causes some wicked carpal tunnel; and America loves performers with bad hair -- right Dave?

Malakar also appeared Monday on syndicated talk show "Live With Regis and Kelly."

"It's paparazzi (who) get at you, and fans come up and try to give you hugs and get autographs," he said. "I would love to just be able to hug everyone and give autographs and take pictures, but you can't."

Malakar said he wants to be a triple threat: singer, actor and model.

"Like, I really -- what I want to do is experience the whole entertainment business because, I mean, I'm not just a musician, I'm an entertainer."

On Saturday, Malakar attended a White House correspondents' dinner in Washington as a guest of People magazine.

"It was really weird because the governor of New York came up to me and said, `I'm a fan, I vote,"' he said.