You are probably up to speed on the Gates hearing. Here is the news you might not have heard.

Principal Power

The principal has power over your children when they’re at school, but do these powers apply at the barbershop?

A principal in Albuquerque, N.M., is catching some heat for taking a student off campus to get a haircut. The student had the choice: haircut or suspension. Naturally he chose the haircut.

Why the ultimatum? The principal believed the student had a “gang haircut,” having the number “505” and a Zia symbol shaved into the back of his head. To the school official, the haircut demand seemed the natural course of action. The boy’s father feels differently, and is considering taking legal action. Father and son claim that the buzzed-in design represented their New Mexico area code.

Gang symbol or not, does the principle have the right to decide your child’s haircut?

Flag Fight

Shouldn’t we be taking actions to support patriotism? What if someone’s patriotism was putting people in danger?

The State Highway Administration of Maryland felt that Leo Bessenhoffer, who decorated a highway overpass with 35 American flags, did just that. Bessenhoffer, a Korean War veteran, was ordered to remove his patriotic display for the final time yesterday. The administration claims that the flags posed a danger to cars driving under the overpass. They feared one of the many flags would get loose and fall onto a passing car, obstructing the driver's view and possibly resulting in a deadly crash. Bessenhoffer has been ordered to remove the flags twice since he began hanging them last summer and is finally complying with the State Highway Administration.

I applaud patriotism, just as long as it is doesn’t cause anyone to crash!

Yummy Bus Stop Smells

Ever been so hungry you could almost smell the food product ads? If you live in San Francisco, maybe you weren’t really that hungry. Maybe you were just standing near one of the buses now featuring scientifically engineered plastic strips that smell like cookies! Yes, cookies.

The already famous Got Milk? ads are now accompanied by a scented strip that allows people to smell what they see. The hope is that when people smell the scent of warm baked goods, they will naturally have the desire for a tall glass of milk.

I guess that’s not too much of a stretch. It was probably a good call to make the strips smell like cookies and not milk!


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