San Francisco, Part Two

San Francisco: Part Two — that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo". There is anger building against the city of San Francisco's anti-military vote last week. Even if you believe the Iraq War was a mistake, fair people must admire the sacrifice of our military people and their families. And it is a big sacrifice. And to disrespect them on any level is way over the line.

By a 60/40 vote, San Franciscans told the rest of America we don't want military recruiters in our schools. OK, fine. Let's hear what the rest of the country wants to say about that.

A brand new poll question asks should Americans who disagree with San Francisco's anti-military stance avoid traveling to that city? Yes or no? Poll voting on is free. And we would like to hear from you.

Now "Talking Points" is actually pleased about the San Francisco controversy because this whole deal needs to be out in the open. The far left smear Web sites, which support the anti-military movement, have developed an effective way to punish people with whom they disagree.

And here's how it works. The smear sites print analysis that distort someone's position on an issue by taking it out of context, reporting humor as being serious, or flat-out lying about tone and substance.

Then the smear sites urge their readers to email threatening words to sponsors or demand a firing, whatever. The Internet gutter snipes also contact sympathizers in the mainstream media, who then publish the Internet defamation often without hearing the original remarks, which are at issue. Remember, there's a huge difference between a written transcript and actually hearing what was said.

In the past, the smear sites have been somewhat successful using these dishonest tactics, but now the game's up. Anyone, anyone who carries water for these far left sites will be exposed on this broadcast. Your right to know.

The Internet — the intent, I should say, of the smear sites is to intimidate free speech. This is not what America is supposed to be about.

So the smear sites must be exposed. They have hurt the country dramatically.

So there you have it. Our left wing San Francisco guest last night would not agree we're fighting a war on terror. And he's entitled to his opinion, but we are entitled to believe the opposite and to fight against dishonest ideologues. And I believe we're winning that fight.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Tina Marie Stebbins says she wants to marry Christian Lindblad, but there are some complications. No. 1, Mr. Lindblad is in prison, charged with attempted murder.

No. 2, the person he allegedly tried to murder is Ms. Stebbins. Seems her betrothed shot her in the groin. Not a good dating technique.

Anyway, Tina Marie says she loves Christian; they are, quote, "soul mates."

Far be it from us to be cynical. But we do recommend some pre-Cana counseling for this couple. To not do so would be ridiculous.

Shot her in the groin. Can't even think about that.

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