What a wild close to a great week on "FOX & Friends."

Morning time is "prime arrest time" in Britain and Friday might have been the most compelling takedown to date. We opened the show with the fascinating chronicle of the previous day's arrest and we ended with a standoff between a 7/21 bomber and British police (search). I think its good for all of us to see these terrorists get nailed instead of our subways and buses bombed. It seems the Brits are getting enough intelligence to crack these cells wide opened. Here in New York there's a sense maybe more then ever that something could be going down, but law enforcement is hardly waiting around. Cops are everywhere and the city is packed with people so you would have to conclude we're far from cowering in the corner.

For the first time in a long time we blew off all commercials and carried live action twice in one week. Wednesday it was a L.A. car chase and today an East London terror takedown.

My highlight has to be the appearance of a portion of the 82nd Airborne (search) and the live reenlistment of six soldiers. The great untold story of this war is the incredible rate in which our world class soldiers are reenlisting in the Armed Forces. Hey, it stands to reason recruitment is down during a dangerous war, but the fact our men and women are staying in the fight after they had a chance to leave is more then worth noting and SALUTING.

Alisyn Camerota did her normal great job spelling E.D., who was out today. Steve made news on two fronts: first trying to wear the exact same suit I wore Thursday (off-white) and then reporting with unmatched fervor and candor on the relationship between Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Don't be surprised if he gets an offer from Teen Beat to be a guest columnist. He's so hip!

Behind the scenes, producer Paulina is taking her wedding on the road to remarry in Poland. We think its to the same guy she married here (Rich), but she's always liked to push the envelope. And next week is the last week for superstar cameraman Hardy, unless of course we can offer the same money he could make on his own full time as a hand model. Senior producer Fred gets back from vacation Monday and Maria is sad because she really enjoyed coming in for seven straight days and not seeing her family all week.

Have a great weekend and don't be afraid to scoop up the New York Times bestseller, "The Games Do Count" by ordering a signed copy at www.briankilmeade.com.


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