Sadly Just Doing Your Job Doesn't Always Seem to Be Enough

A lot of people do a lot of crazy things to hang onto their job.

Sadly, just doing that job doesn't seem enough.

I remember one fellow I worked with many years ago, who took that look busy thing to new levels.

And to be fair, he really was busy.

Talk about doing everything to make your boss' life easier, he practically did all his boss's work.

Not only helped the big guy with his budget, he ended up doing the budget.

If the boss wanted someone fired, he volunteered with the hatchet.

Many a Friday I recall the boss dodging out early and this fellow staying late, making sure everything was ok.

Until one day, it wasn't.

The boss got fired. Just like that.

Apparently the boss's boss was onto him. And quickly rid of him.

And get this, eager to get rid of anyone who worked for him.

Including that fellow who did everything for him.

Gone. Out the door.

I never knew what happened to that guy, only that he was replaced by another guy, who dutifully reported to the new guy, the new boss, no doubt desperately trying to make his life easier.

And no doubt hoping it would help make keeping his job easier too.

I guess even the art of sucking up becomes tougher in times like these.

As if it isn't tough enough who you know, now you have to worry about how long you'll know him!

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