Saddam's Strategy: Fight or Flight?

Saddam Hussein's elder son on Tuesday rejected the U.S. demand that the Iraqi leader and his family leave the country, saying instead that President Bush should resign.

In a statement distributed by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Odai Hussein said that Bush is "unstable" and that the U.S. leader "should give up power in America with his family."

Odai also warned that a U.S.-led attack will force Iraq to broaden the war against the United States. Any attack on Iraq, he said, would leave "the wives and mothers of those who fight us constantly crying...

"They should not believe there is a single safe spot for them inside Iraq or outside Iraq."

Saddam's strategy: Fight or flight?

A sample of your responses:

Reasonble chance he will flee.  He has millions in foreign bank accounts for just that contingency.  What country will take him?  France?  Not!
Herb L.
Bridgewater, MA

Saddam will fight for as long as he can get others to die for him... but he is a coward and when the battle comes to his front door, he will cower like Hitler and commit suicide. He has always been good at killing and torturing defensless people... and those types aren't brave... the brave only die once... he will die a thousand deaths full of fear and knowing he deserves it!
Wayne H.
Sugar Land, TX

If anyone thinks in their right mind that Saddam Hussein is going to "walk away" and go into exile in another country is not placing themselves in Saddam's shoes... There is no doubt in Saddam's mind that if he flees Iraq he will be taken into custody at a later date and brought up for war crimes. Saddam will fight to the death and die a warrior in his own mind.
Michael K.
Honolulu, HI

I think Saddam Hussein will flee to Euro-Disney.
David A.
Racine, WI

Saddam has one more option; He can HIDE like he usually does.
John M.
Orlando, FL

Saddam will sabotage oil fields and other parts of the Iraqi infrastructure and then, I believe he will disappear. He's a coward!
Al N.
Dexter, NY

As we know, Sadam is beginning to realize his days are numbered.  He will probably stay and fight while hiding in his bunker and giving orders. Standing and Fighting is not something he is capable of, and we saw this before from his hiding out.    I pray that his luxury hideout is one of our first targets.  It is sad that he has created a den to crawl into at the expense of many starving and sick people....  Hope the American people can see the end result as worth the effort.  Keep up the great work of covering this event in history.
Colette M.
Mount Jewett, PA

Saddam will stay. He lives in a fantasy (wonder) world. Top commanders will surrender to the troops.
Leonard E.
Chandler, AZ

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