Saddam Hussein's (search) defense lawyer says the former dictator will not get a fair trial, and that his captors have already decided his fate.

The statement presumes Saddam should get a fair trial in which it is possible to be acquitted.

I don't think that is the sort of trial anybody has in mind. Saddam will not be acquitted unless the charges against him are twisted into pretzels that don't actually resemble his crimes.

Of course, Saddam is going to be found guilty. Who could think otherwise?

So a couple of dopey, French-trained lawyers in Amman, Jordan think they could get him off. Where? In a courtroom in Gaza.

Maybe... but nowhere else, and especially not in Iraq where he is responsible for the deaths of millions.

The idea that there could be an O.J. Simpson (search) moment, when a jury says "not guilty" — that idea is preposterous and it's not going to happen.

Saddam has been guilty since 1958 when he was arrested for killing his brother-in-law. He's been at it ever since.

Now the Iraqis have a chance to do justice by giving him as fair a trial as the obviously guilty can get, and then executing him in accordance to whatever Iraqi law they have just changed to make sure they can execute him.

Anybody who thinks anything else is going to happen is a dope or dangerously naive.

That's My Word.

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