Saddam Hussein (search) looked pretty good in court, didn't he? Like a lot of jailbirds, he looked fit, tanned and alert. He reminded me of one of those characters from "Miami Vice." Who was it? Edward James Olmos (search)?

He also looked like he wasn't going to play the chump when this trial actually begins. He appeared to be thinking on his feet, maneuvering and baiting the judge. He wanted to know what the judge's name was.

Bet that wasn't a real comfortable moment for him. Saddam still has some juice on those nasty Iraqi streets.

Let's not kid ourselves about his crimes. He really did do all those things... including running torture chambers, filling up killing fields, gassing the Kurds (search), slaughtering the Shia (search) and making war on Iran when he knew it was just a stupid waste of lives fought to a territorial standstill.

He really did invade Kuwait and torture and murder Kuwaitis as well as empower his army to thieve whatever wasn't nailed down.

But most of all, he consorted with, plotted with and played host to — hold your breath now, anti-Bushers — Usama bin Laden (search) and Al Qaeda (search).

The Iraqis can try him and hang him for the crimes he committed against them. We've already correctly convicted him for the crimes against us, and that is a good thing.

That's My Word.

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