Saddam Hussein's showing some attitude.

The former Iraqi dictator showed up in an Iraqi court Thursday to be slapped with seven broad, preliminary charges ranging from the gassing of Kurds (search) in Halabja in 1988, killing members of political parties over the last 30 years, the suppression of the 1991 uprisings by Kurds and Shiites and the 1990 invasion of Kuwait. Specific charges will be filed later.

Acting defiant and questioning the authority of the Iraqi court established to try him and the judge listening to his rants, the Butcher of Baghdad spent his time in court pointing fingers at the judge, changing moods from nervousness to exasperation, pounding his fists while gesticulating, carrying on about how he's not to blame for anything other than looking out for Iraqis while still maintaining, "I am Saddam Hussein, president of Iraq."

Saddam Hussein: Deranged, or defiant dictator?

A sample of your responses:

Why do you ask a question that implies it must be one or the other?  He is a defiant, deranged dictator who has already received more due process than hundreds of thousands of his countrymen received when he was in power and more that he deserves.
Paul A.
Henderson, NV

He's neither deranged nor resilient. He's just plain evil. There is nothing else that can explain his actions and statements other than a cold and ruthless heart. He is pure evil.
Dave S.
Horseheads, NY

I don't know how a dictator, who truly believes what he did is right, is supposed to be or how he is supposed to act. He is still under the impression that he is the president of Iraq. When you believe something to be true, how would you feel if someone tells you that it is wrong and puts you in the "hot seat"? I don't agree with what he has done but I don't think that his actions are anything out of the ordinary, do you?
Davey M.

I think he is both... deranged and defiant... why does he need so many lawyers?
Andrea W.

Let's be careful about characterizing Saddam as deranged. Let's not give his defense team any last-resort ideas about copping an insanity defense, if the Iraqi legal system recognizes such a plea.
Atlanta, GA

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