Russian Travelers Arrested in Sex Acts on Commercial Flight

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Two travelers shocked air passengers with a live sex show on a packed jet, a court heard on Friday.

Olga Bezmelnitsyna was spotted pleasuring work colleague Sergei Gorlov during a flight from Brazil to London.

But their antics in seats 55D and 55E stunned fellow passengers — including children — who alerted British Airways cabin crew.

They were asked to stop and then arrested at Heathrow airport.

On Friday married father-of-two Gorlov, 41, and Bezmelnitsyna, 59, were fined $979 each for outraging public decency.

The Russian pair, who had been drinking and only met on the trip to Brazil, got carried away four hours into the 12-hour flight, JPs were told at Uxbridge, West London.

Prosecutor Syreta Maharaj said: "The flight was full with 350 passengers, including children, and the defendants sitting in the rear of the aircraft.

"Crew members were approached by passengers complaining the defendants were acting in an indecent manner.

"A female cabin crew member went to them and saw the female defendant was face down in the groin area of the male passenger.

"She said she felt physically sick by this and it was in the full view of other passengers including children.

"She asked them to stop but shortly afterwards there were further reports from passengers saying they were engaged in an indecent act again. A crew member noticed the male defendant had his trousers unzipped and she had her hand in his groin area."

The couple work for a tea and coffee company based in St. Petersburg and had been in Sao Paulo to try out coffee beans.

Magistrate Pamela Marks was told the couple — who both pleaded guilty — were incredibly remorseful.

Alexis Hager, who was representing Bezmelnitsyna, said: "She does not normally drink and was unaware that it would have a bigger effect on her on a flight.

"She is very embarrassed by the whole incident and said it would never have happened if she had not been drinking."

Gorlov’s lawyer Mandy Hargun added: "They had met for the first time during the trip to Brazil. On the flight both had been drinking — and from a kiss and a cuddle one thing led to another.”

The couple will now return to Russia.