Russian Teen Burnt Over 98 Percent of His Body Defies Odds

A Russian teen, who doctors said had little chance of surviving after being burned over 98 percent of his body, has defied the odds. With the help of inner strength, courage and new technologies, there is hope Jasur Khamdamov can have all of his skin restored, according to a report by Russia Today.

Khamdamov was severely burned when a gas boiler exploded while he was sitting in a sauna built by his uncle.

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“His skin was hanging in torn pieces from his body, his face all burnt," said Khamdamov's uncle. "He was shouting, screaming. Then he said, 'Uncle, I am so ugly - I will never make it to university now'."

The teen suffered third degree burns, with 98 percent of his skin affected. Doctors said he had little chance of making it through the ordeal.

“The burn was supercritical, an extensive and deep burn. There is an expression, 'a condition incompatible with life'. Well, this burn was so extensive it was a miracle he survived,” said Marina Brazol, head of the burns unit in St. Petersburg, in the Russia Today report.

A year after the accident, Khamdamov continues to amaze his doctors. He's learning to use his hands again, but he's still recovering from his facial disfigurement.

“After four months, I grew very weak. I began to think I would die and that all my efforts were in vain. Sometimes I wanted to give up. But now I've pulled myself together. Although it's hard to see people's reaction to my face — when they pass by and stare back at me”, said Khamdamov.

At a recent checkup, the teen was told he'll eventually have plastic surgery — but he needs further skin transplants first.

Much of his skin was so badly burnt, the lower 'derma' layer was damaged beyond repair.

Scientists at the Cell Research Laboratory in St. Petersburg have offered their help.

Using frozen skin cells from cosmetic clinics, they're making the teen some new 'derma'.