I think we've reached that awkward moment with Russia, where they're just not getting it.

They're now officially the guest who will not leave.

We're like the host at the party hoping, hinting, praying and doing everything possible to make them leave.

Tell me if you've played that role. You're tired, it's been a long night. The party's gone on and on. And you just want to go to bed, but there's one dude still on the couch who just doesn't get it.

You're yawning.

Looking at your watch and blurting out, "Man oh man, look at the time."

He's not getting it.

He's not budging.

So you start cleaning up bowls of popcorn, and this guy has the nerve to say, "Wait a minute, I'm not done with that!!"

And he asks for another beer.

You come back and say, sorry, out of beer. He says, "No prob, I've got more in my car."

Like I said, he ain't going.

No matter how much you're tiring.

Then he suggests ordering a pay movie. Says he'll leave money on the table.

You're going nuts.

You even say, "You know, that's not a good idea. It really is getting late."

He just doesn't hear you.

"This one's a classic," he says, then plops his feet on your table.

Russia is now the guest with the feet plopped on the table. We've tried every nice way in the world to say, get the heck out.

But he won't get out. He's digging in.

Says he likes your house. And really likes your TV. And stale popcorn too.

Then you say, "Yeah, but I poisoned the popcorn and the TV automatically goes off in one minute."

Says he likes poisoned popcorn and no prob on the TV thing, he notices you've got great reading material, which he takes with him to your bathroom.

Where he locks the door.

And stays some more.

And it stinks. And there's nothing you can do.

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