Here's the no spin truth: If the European countries in NATO would supply combat troops to Afghanistan, that conflict would be over and the good guys would be victorious.

On Wednesday, Great Britain announced it is sending 500 more troops, but things are bleak on the continent. Only Holland and Denmark allow their soldiers to aggressively fight. Other countries like France, Italy and Germany do very little to defeat the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Of course, that makes no sense, but that's reality. No matter how popular Barack Obama is in Europe, we get very little help from those nations.

On Wednesday, our pal Vlad Putin announced he's against sanctions on Iran. He doesn't want to join with America, Britain and France and challenge Iran's nuclear weapons program by imposing economic penalties.

Vlad, a former KGB guy, says it's too soon and he doesn't want to frighten the mullahs. Of course that's insane, but it's consistent. Putin has been supplying Iran with military hardware, including missile components, for years. He does this to make life difficult for America and to pocket more than a few dollars himself.

So that's what President Obama is up against and there doesn't seem to be any reasoning with Europe and Putin. However, rather than being upfront with the American people, the Obama administration continues to live in Never-Neverland:


HILLARY CLINTON, SECRETAY OF STATE: I'm very pleased by how supportive the Russians have been in what has become a united international effort. We remain committed to preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons power. Everybody hopes this succeeds, but we're also going to continue to look at the potential sanctions if we're not successful.


Please. If Hillary Clinton is very pleased that Putin has publicly shot down sanctions, then it is all over. Iran will get nukes.

Secretary Clinton visited Russia to try and talk some sense into those people but their agenda is giving the USA a hard time, not protecting the world from crazy jihadists bent on getting nuclear weapons.

For years, Putin has been arming the worst elements on Earth, thumbing his nose first at President Bush, now at President Obama.

Many folks overseas despised President Bush because he acted without the world's approval. President Obama has vowed to change that philosophy. How's it going so far?

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

It was Latin music time at the White House Tuesday, and the only thing missing was Tom DeLay.

My take? Anybody who dances in public is a patriot.

On the pinhead front, ladies and gentlemen, the Jesus Lizard:

Click here to see the Jesus Lizard!

The reason this lizard is being associated with Jesus is that it walks on water. The creature moves so fast it creates bubbles to keep it afloat.

Whether this rises to labeling the lizard with Jesus' name is dubious. So for that, we're making the lizard a pinhead. Nothing personal.

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