Russell Crowe loves to sing about himself, where's Jacko's album and Anne Heche re-titles her bio in the warm glow of The Foxlight.

Add Russell Crowe to the list of movie stars who think they can not only sing but have a rock star ego. He started off his North American concert tour Monday night in Austin, Texas, by telling the mostly female audience, "there must be a lot of nervous husbands and boyfriends." Oh puleez! During an encore, Crowe disappeared behind the speakers for a moment and came back out waving his Oscar. As Saturday Night Live's Church Lady would say, "Well we certainly do like ourselves, don't we Russell?"

Will there ever be a Michael Jackson album? We're learning more about the elusive Invincible every day. Today's tidbit - Carlos Santana is collaborating. Are all these famous people just trying to help Jackson get this thing done? And is Bubbles going to have a song on this thing?

Still no official release date has been announced for the album, although a report quotes a source as saying it will be out at the end of October. Remember when record labels actually wanted you to know when their products were coming out? What's wrong with this picture?

Finally, the quote of the day is about Anne Heche thanks to gossip columnist Cindy Adams of the New York Post. To prepare for her autobiography, Ellen's former love, now engaged to a man, read Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Adams says she may call her book, Men Are From Monday to Wednesday, Women Are From Thursday to Sunday.