So Kanye West wasn't the only bozo at MTV's Video Music Awards. The other was British comedian Russell Brand and what's worse: He was sober so he had no excuse.

When Brand wasn't talking about his genitals, he joked about the differences between Britain and the U.S., saying "instead of letting people die in the street, we have free health care."

Well, he's right: Britain doesn't let people die in the street, it lets them die in the hospital.

According to a report from Nursing Times, NHS hospital deaths due to errors have soared 60 percent in a single year. Worse, according to The Telegraph, nine of 10 preventable deaths under government care aren't even reported. Of the roughly 72,000 deaths in the NHS each year, only 3,200 are noted by the National Patient Safety Agency.

And let's not forget Harold Shipman. You remember him: He's a British doctor and the world's most prolific serial killer. He practiced medicine for two decades, while murdering hundreds of patients as a hobby. He went undetected because the idea of older, healthier patients dying in British hospitals didn't seem that odd.

It was the way things — or people — go.

This is why the people truly scared of socialized medicine are those who already have it. I lived in Britain for three years and can verify that folks like Russell did not take advantage of Britain's free health care. No, they paid out of pocket to private doctors, so they wouldn't end up dead on a gurney in an empty hallway.

Look, Brand can be hilarious at times, but when he's talking politics, he becomes the joke. He should stick to grabbing his crotch — at least there, the consequences are small.

And if you disagree with me, then you're probably a racist.

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