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Remember that stink manufactured a week or so ago about Rush Limbaugh?

Forty-one Democrat senators signed a letter to Limbaugh's boss demanding he be officially scolded over the "phony soldier" flap.

The letter is evidently worth a lot of money and the money is going to the children of Marines and law enforcement who have died in the line of duty.

So the eBay online auction site has now bumped the letter's value up to $45,000. With the right conservative running the fund, it might actually benefit a few of the kids of people Rush was accused of sliming.

(Click here to read the letter on eBay's auction page)

He wasn't sliming soldiers, or Marines, or service people, of course. It was a phony issue made up by the left wing to try to take the "General Betray Us" stink off MoveOn.org and those Democrats who were too cowardly to denounce MoveOn.

Limbaugh is sending the proceeds of the letter auction to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation and he's challenging the 41 senators who signed the letter to match the amount of the winning bid. Do the math: If the 41 match $45,000 you get $1.8 million or so in the bank for the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation.

By the way, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada is the man who led the charge against Rush. His popularity in Nevada has plunged in the most recent poll — a 23-point drop from early May.

His favorable/unfavorable rating is now below both George W. Bush and Rush Limbaugh — which is what I call just desserts.

Reid is wildly out of step with Nevadans, who are an independent, but conservative-minded bunch, especially outside the one big city, Las Vegas. The recent arrivals from L.A. who live out in Henderson, Nevada, mostly, seem to be coming around to the way Nevadans think, especially about somebody like Harry Reid. And good on them.

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