Running for President? Get in Line

So let's say you want to run for president, say… in 2012. Declare now: 2008 is booked. Because the way things are going, that's where we're going.

Two years ahead of time isn't cutting it anymore. Maybe four, maybe five years will.

Think about it: With Hillary Clinton's move this past weekend, followed by Bill Richardson's the same weekend, we're now looking at nearly two dozen Democrats and Republicans vying for the big job.

And trust me, the race will get bigger.

And it's not just because it's open season — the first campaign not featuring an incumbent president or vice president in more than half a century.

No, it's the media and our attention spans. And it's money.

You want in fast, you make your move fast or that fast money fast finds someone else.

So never mind this president still has two years to go. He's gone.

Very dangerous game we play when we focus more on who the next president will be than who the current president is. Because my history book tells me we only get one of these guys at a time.

I know, it's easier said than done. Especially when it's open season on that job. And anyone can grab it… or think they can.

But word to the wise: If it's 2008 you're planning on, you're already too late. But good seating for 2012, folks.

Any takers?

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