Runaway Teen Sparks International Search, Weds Lover in Egypt

After a nine-week search, a 17-year-old British runaway schoolgirl found her Egyptian lover and married him, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Amy Robson fled from her family home to the diving resort of Hurghada in September in search of a 29-year-old man called "Noby" that she met in an Internet cafe, the newspaper reported.

The couple found each other last week and got hitched.

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Robson said her lover was "the best man I've ever met," adding that she knows her parents would not be happy with the situation, The Daily Telegraph reported.

"I feel so happy," Robson told The Daily Telegraph. "I wish my parents could understand. They think he is not a good man."

Earlier in the year, Robson sparked an international manhunt after she fled to Egypt to find a boy she met on a family vacation there three years ago, the newspaper reported.

Before she found him, she met the man who would become her future husband.