Rudy and Judi Kissing Picture: Love or for Show?

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A big stink erupted yesterday about the Rudy and Judi picture from Harper's Bazaar. Should the former mayor and his new wife have allowed themselves to be photographed in such a manner? Here she is kissing him, all bedecked in sparklies and telling the world by the way she is kissing him that this is my guy and what a studmuffin.

I'm sure she feels that way about her husband, but it doesn't hurt a political candidate overall, though there have been some prudes who are complaining. They're the type who are always saying, "Too much information, too much." But Rudy's voters want to know if women like him. After all, he's for gay marriage and he's pro-choice. So you know, there is the issue of the women's vote.

But after all, Valentine's Day is coming up. And I should remind the cynics that sometimes it is love.

Archaeologists have discovered a couple in a 5,000-year-old embrace — also just in time for Valentine's Day. This couple discovered in northern Italy went to their grave together 5,000 years ago, and they have been entwined in their cuddle ever since, at least until those scientists came along with their shovels anyway.

You have to remind yourself occasionally that the promise till death do us part actually means until archaeologists do us part, and if you're very lucky that could be a long, long time. Several millennia, in fact.

Rudy and Judi: It may be political season and we suspect everything a candidate and his wife may do. Then remember the ancient Romeo and Juliet. Sometimes these couples really mean it, even if they do it for the camera.

That's My Word.

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