Rosie, Original Sin and no-show Madonna in the warm glow of The Foxlight.

Rosie hasn't always been so rosy. In an upcoming issue of her magazine, she admits that she's taken antidepressant drugs for a while now - she calls them her partners. Rosie also says that, while her life has been filled with a lot of ups, a dark cloud hung over her until she was 37. Money can't buy happiness, but it can pick up the prescription tab.

I wish I could tell you Original Sin is a good movie - or a bad movie. The studio isn't showing this thing to anyone. Yesterday, I received a tape with clips of the film and a list of movie theaters in New York City where the film was opening on Friday. Translation? Go see it with everyone else, and you can't complain about it until the weekend is over.

Finally, that big MTV 20th anniversary party Wednesday night wasn't notable for lacking Mariah Carey - the real question is where was Madonna? If any artist owes a large chunk of his or her career to the station it's Maddie - they played her material night and day. She was in town for her concert and wasn't on performing - but had no plans to drop by the bash. I guess she doesn't want her MTV.