Rosario Dawson Plans to Lick Her Children in Public for Misbehaving | Eva Longoria Vows to Protect Mexican Immigration | Lance Bass Wants to be on Bill O'Reilly Plus What Inappropriate Place Does Adam Gregory Want You to Look? | Amy Winehouse Tries to Come to the USA and Immigration Says 'No, No, No…' Again!

Rosario Dawson Plans to Lick Her Children in Public for Misbehaving

Rosario Dawson intends to be a mom one day, but when her little ones do naughty things, the actress says she doesn’t believe in yelling — just torturing with her tongue.

"I think licking is a really great way of disciplining your child. It's definitely a lot better than screaming at them," Dawson told Tarts while promoting her new indie flick Explicit Ills which explores the somber state of the American health care system. "My mom did it to me for punishment, she loves to say that I came [from her] so she can do anything that she wants to me in public. If I was acting out or talking up or just being a precocious child as I was she would lick me and my face in front of all her friends."

Speaking of her mom, Dawson is experiencing the ills of the hospital system away from the lights and cameras as well.

"My mom got struck by a car several years ago and is still sustaining the injuries," she said. "She is diabetic and asthmatic which came a lot from being in New York City during 9/11 and going and volunteering and helping out and just seeing the catastrophe of so many people who got sick then who are still not being helped in the proper ways."

The 29-year-old is so passionate about pushing for improvements that she and her fellow cast and crew ran the risk of being put in the pokey. Literally.

"The amazing thing is that we actually did the March at the end of the film for real — it was the only thing that we didn't have permits for," Dawson added. "So we just went out and hoped we wouldn’t get arrested."

Eva Longoria Vows to Protect Mexican Immigration

Eva Longoria wants our new president to address immigration and she’s ready to stand up and fight for her homeland of Mexico.

"First things first, our country is in a really tough position right now and I think definitely immigration will be addressed and I will be there to make sure that we're protected," Longoria told Tarts at a recent party.

And is it about time we devoted our resources to our neighboring land rather than pouring funds globally?

"It is unfortunate that we spend so much time as Americans all over the world, and we need to really focus a lot of our energy on our front porch which is Mexico and I hope that we'll be able to bring more attention to the a lot of the poverty and illiteracy and the educational programs in Mexico," the Desperate Housewives starlet added. "I would definitely love to help, we're going to be doing a charity in Mexico City next year and we're going to gather a lot of star power from Mexico and raise a lot of money for educational programs."

Lance Bass Wants to be on Bill O'Reilly Plus What Inappropriate Place Does Adam Gregory Want You to Look?

Lance Bass has gone from pop prince to author to dancing divo, but will he soon add FOX News regular to his long list of achievements?

"I would love to be on and hear Bill O'Reilly talk. I love hearing other peoples opinions and it’s so important to listen to what other people say whether or not you agree with it," Bass told Tarts on Sunday at the Converse/John Vervados concert to raise funds for Stuart House. "I think that’s what this world is missing, that nice friendly fight with the side."

And as the reigning rumba star of DWTS, Bass dished some not-so appetizing advice for the upcoming competitors.

"Watch your step because you will get injured. No one understands how hard it is. It’s a sport and you really really need to watch yourself because people do stupid things and you’re out," he said, adding that he is rooting for the now-sober Steve-O (former star of MTV's Jackass) for the new round.

We also spotted Brittny Gastineau bopping away as ZZ Top performed (she said she’s working on a new LA-based reality show that she "can't really talk about") while 90210's Adam Gregory admitted that he does some slightly strange things in between takes on his CW set. "Dustin (Milligan, co-star) and I do the circle game. It’s where you take the "ok sign" and put it below you waist," he explained, before hitting Pop Tarts' shoulder because we (naturally) looked down to wear his hand indicated. "Awesome, got you! Dustin would be proud of me."

Err, right.

Oh and for the record, nightlife entrepreneur Brent Bolthouse (who said he doesn't drink and doesn't watch any TV) told Tarts that he and Dollhouse dame Eliza Dushku (despite being spotted canoodling several times recently) are "just friends." Hmmm...

Also in attendance at the family-friendly fun day was hosts Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, Bridget Moynahan, Jamie King, Shannen Doherty, Angie Harmon, Billy Ray Cyrus, Alice Cooper, Courtney Throne-Smith and Chris Cornell.

Amy Winehouse Tries to Come to the USA and Immigration Says 'No, No, No…' Again!

Is this a song that doesn’t end?

Last year, Amy Winehouse was given the no-go from U.S Immigration Officials to enter the country in order to attend the Grammy Awards (she performed via satellite) and once again the British bad girl has been denied entry into the USA and as result will miss this year’s highly-anticipated Coachella Music Festival.

Winehouse was scheduled to perform alongside other big names such as The Killers and Paul McCartney on April 18, but due to her assault charge last week the "Rehab" soul-songstress will have to stay London-bound. The charge stems from an altercation at a ball in London’s Berkeley Square last September when Winehouse allegedly punched former fan Sherene Flash after she was approached for a photograph.

A rep for the Coachella confirmed the cancellation.