Romney Boys Go Deep

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We had a lot of fun today talking about a kangaroo surviving a road race, Sting and his talent as a lyricist and serious stuff like the intel gaffe that let Al Qaeda learn we were monitoring their Web sites.

Personally, one of the highlights was meeting the Romney boys and taking a break to play a little football as well. By the way the Romney that leaped and made a big catch is coming off a serious leg injury and could not run. It's amazing what live TV will make you do in crunch time — especially when you are working for your dad. Regardless of whether Mitt gets the nomination or not, I have to say he and Mrs. Romney did an incredible job with those young guys who, by the way, are all married.

Most of my e-mail came from Catholics who were anxious to let me know the plate held under those receiving communion is called a "paten." I have to say I never knew the name, but do remember being asked to help out every Sunday as a kid and praying they'd ask someone else.

In sports, I would hope Indian fans are rejoicing because Yankee fans are mourning and wondering if they were going to lose a manager and their best player. While watching the ALDS, I missed what many are calling the best 'Monday Night Football" game in a long time with Dallas winning in the last 20 seconds by scoring 9 points on the Bills.

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Thanks for keeping us No. 1 for the last six years in cable news!


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