Rocky, Kim Cattrall and Winona Ryder in the shoplifted siren howl of The Foxlight.

Yo, no Rocky or Rambo in Sly's future. Despite rumors after Sept. 11 that another Rambo movie was in the works, Stallone says at age 55, it's unlikely either character will be appearing on the big screen. He says he's too old. C'mon, Rocky could go 12 rounds with Strom Thurmond.

She can get some Satifaction and now you can too. Satisfaction is the name of a sex manual written by, who else, Kim Cattrall, who plays Samantha on Sex and the City. Yes, there are pictures. Cattrall says in real life she was sexually frustrated. Hey, she is a good actress.

Finally, a new grass roots political campaign wants to 'free' actress Winona Ryder. Wanting stuff free is what got her in trouble in the first place. The Girl Interrupted star was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting last month. She's out on $20,000 bail. She has been accused, but not formally charged, of removing security tags from nearly $5,000 worth of clothing and accessories. Yes, here's a cause America can rally behind, freeing rich attention seeking alleged kleptomaniacs.