Rock 'em, sock 'em, sword play, creepy days and Oscar bait all in the weekend marquee glare of The Foxlight.

It was only a matter of time before low-brow met low blows. Kung Pow: Enter the Fist throws in everything but the kitchen wok. The kung foolery doesn't have many critics laughing. And some say the real kung fu movies from the '70s are unintentionally funnier.

Next, buckle your swashes, here comes The Count of Monte Cristo. Guy Pearce is fresh from Memento and he still doesn't know who to trust. Some amazing fencing is helping pull some reviewers off the fence. Touche.

Mandy Moore makes her big screen debut in a story of young love that might have been better left in one of her pop tunes. A Walk to Remember may be hard to remember by next weekend according to some critics.

Did any of the stuff that happens to Richard Gere really happen? The Mothman Prophecies is the first good, really creepy movie of the year. That's what many reviewers are saying. Gere is a reporter who needs to get better long distance service. He hears and sees things. And he's not alone. This whole West Virginia town is getting the willies. Laura Linney is great too as the local heat, but lose the official cap.

Finally, opening wider is the love it or hate I Am Sam with Sean Penn. Oscar bait doesn't get any more shameless than this.