Roche Has 3 Million Tamiflu Packages on Standby

Swiss drug company Roche Holding AG says it has 3 million packages of anti-flu treatment Tamiflu ready to deliver to any country in the world threatened by a pandemic virus.

Roche says it can deliver Tamiflu anywhere within 24 hours when called on by the World Health Organization.

Spokeswoman Martina Rupp says the reserve is part of 5 million treatments the company donated to the U.N. health agency in 2006. They are being stored in Switzerland and the United States.

Rupp said Monday that WHO has the other 2 million treatments and can use them as it sees fit.

Countries are rushing to develop contingency plans in case the suspected swine flu being blamed on over 1,600 infections and 103 deaths in Mexico spreads rapidly around the world.