Robin Williams; 'American Idol'; Ben and Jen

Robin Williams (search) steals from the Foxlight, critiquing the "American Idol" (search) critics and we still don't care about Ben and Jen in today's entertainment update.

Comics who've worked with him are calling Robin Williams a thief. I've heard tales over the years that some comics won't work when he's in the audience. Defenders says Robin's mind works so quickly that he can't be held accountable. He's ad-libbing and at the spur of that moment he's not sure whom he's channeling. That's the polite explanation.

All I can tell you is that the Foxlight said something to him on the red carpet at the Emmys (search) last weekend that he repeated verbatim as his own a few reporters down the line. I love you, Robin. And you're welcome.

While I'm on the subject of the Emmys, you think Paula, Randy and Simon would have done that dopey "American Idol Accountants" sketch if they knew they weren't winning an Emmy that night? Can you imagine how Simon would have ripped that piece of so-called comedy if he wasn't in it?

Finally, I'd say something here about the current state of Ben and Jen, but by the time this airs it would probably be different. Here's one thing that won't change. I don't care. And I'll remind Foxlight fans that I predicted no wedding months ago.