Robert Blake, Mike Tyson and Jimmy Kimmel in the deer in the headlights glare of The Foxlight.

It could be a scene right out of Chicago -- all that's missing is Richard Gere giving them the old razzle-dazzle. Robert Blake want to do a jailhouse interview with a top network correspondent, and his entertainment lawyer may be working to get those interviews. But one of Blake's criminal lawyers already quit when he wanted to be interviewed by Diane Sawyer. The interview never happened.

Now, another criminal lawyer wants to leave if Blake speaks with Barbara Walters. That lawyer is accusing Blake's entertainment lawyer of going after the publicity. No, really? Blake's team of criminal lawyers doesn't want him to speak to the media until after his trial. Barbara Walters, meantime, has already paid a visit to the jail trying to set up an interview.

Next, some reality company wants to train a regular Joe to take on Mike Tyson. In the ring, that would probably last about 10 seconds. Let's put Mike on Jeopardy!. Now that would be funny and nobody gets hurt.

Finally, it was cool of David Letterman to have his new competitor on the other night. But Jimmy Kimmel still seems like a lightweight to me. You're not going to have women on trampolines to make fun of anymore, Jimmy. This is the big leagues.