Robbery at gunpoint is bad enough, but when the culprit asks you to strip, it gets just plain humiliating.

Dallas drycleaner Jasper Baccus had just opened his store when a robber with gun in hand arrived, demanding money from the register, according to MyFOXDFW.com.

Then, the criminal allegedly asked for something a little more unconventional: Baccus’ clothes.

“He told me, 'Get your hands out of your pocket, and just take your clothes off. So I was, like, 'Okay, just don't kill me,'" Baccus told the staiton.

The robber allegedly made Baccus take off his underwear, then hit him across the head with the pistol.

Baccus said the criminal ran away with his money and clothes. That's where his line of work came in handy.

The drycleaner arrived at the police department with mismatched clothes he picked up from his shop. The police are still searching for a suspect, MyFOXDFW.com said.

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