Rob Lowe, Madonna and J. Lo in the bright highbeams of The Foxlight.

Maybe she's an intern. Sam, Rob Lowe's character on The West Wing, will find life a little more complicated next season. Rob Lowe tells TV Guide Online there'll be a new character on the show. He says she'll be "beautiful" and "smart." Lowe's keeping his lips sealed about what role the character will have and who will play her. He says she'll "be a surprise" who will "complicate Sam's life." Does that mean she'll walk out over a salary dispute, too?

Is there sweat equity in Madonna's gym equipment? You decide. It's for sale on the Internet. That's right, you too can look like Madonna. Items including her ab roller, bike and workout bench are up for auction. Other Madonna objects up for sale include the obligatory bustier, and a handwritten letter to Dennis Rodman. "Dear Dennis, I want my dresses back." Fans can log on to http:www.gottahaveit.com to see what else is for sale. The auction runs through August first.

Finally, J. Lo unveiled a new ladies swimwear line this week. "What do you mean these bikini bottoms are an extra small, they're huge."